Depicting a Wonderful Summer

Since 2015, we have been collaborating with Dolomiti SuperSummer for four consecutive years, developing a dedicated video communication strategy. We produced a mix of tailored contents to reach a broader audience through an ample range of media channels (from social networks to digital signage).

Videos with different lengths (from 15 to 90 seconds) and degree of complexity (from standard to motion graphics and 3D animation production) were realized according to the given topics and the specific platforms they were destined to. Lastly, we animated the client’s image advertising in each annual campaign.

2018: A multi-subject campaign

In 2018, we elaborated and realized a multi-subject campaign. To cover a variety of topics with the same distinctive and recognizable style, we created a versatile ad spot format capable of easily integrating new contents.

Clips were released on social media (Instagram and Facebook 20 seconds long) and other platforms such as YouTube and digital signage (45 seconds long).

Non puoi neanche immaginare la bellezza che mi aspetta.

The concept consists in recounting people’s desire to escape routine and immerse themselves in the Dolomites – the dreamy land of beauty, excitement, and action they have already enjoyed in the past.

All the clips, albeit focusing on their respective topics (bike, family, paragliding, hiking, among others), shared a similar narrative pattern: a character involved in everyday activities; then, an extreme close-up of her/his face; finally, a longer sequence of the protagonist experiencing the wonder of the Dolomites.

Managing logistic issues was essential to the production’s success; indeed, we filmed most of the Dolomites’ territory and used a variety of technological tools (e.g., drones, cable cams, gimbal cams, etc).

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Logo animation

For the past four years, we made 2D and 3D animations of Dolomiti Supersummer’s image advertising. To help them boost brand identity, every year we introduced a coherent element that would emphasise the annual campaign theme. Designed to reinforce the ad’s message, our logo animations also served as five-second bumpers, which were displayed on digital signage screens.

Motion graphics

To respond our client’s request that the strengths of their territory be explained throughly, we realised some motion graphics combined with highly emotional video contents, addressing such topics as: aerial (to provide spectacular views of the Dolomites), biking (to describe the opportunities the area offers to bikers), overview (to summarise the area’s attractions).

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