Fallin’ in Love

For the 2018 Dolomiti SuperSki campaign, we narrated the Dolomites in a new fashion through a dramatically emotional video aimed at arousing curiosity among the social media audience.

We reworked the concept of unattainable and platonic love to give birth to a romantic and nostalgic story, plenty of unrealistic situations and unexpected twists. To create an engaging plot, we decided to use the reverse motion technique. The result was a cinematic work rather than a simple advertising content.

The production phase required a huge effort. Because of the complexity of the scenes, we were forced to limit the number of takes and carefully plan every move in advance.

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Preview Teasers

Before the final launch of the campaign, a series of preview teasers was released on social networks, RCS Group channels and 2018 Winter Olympics big screens.The whole campaign was later broadcast on Eurosport (Europe zone & extra) and ZDF channel.