Manuel Bottazzo





Shifting the limit beyond

For the launch event of the new Dogma F10, we were asked to produce a commercial for one of the most awaited bikes of 2017, also representing the quintessential of Pinarello brand. 

The idea was to create a parallel between two of the most iconic figures of the brand: Fausto Pinarello and Chris Froome, who are bound by the same passion for cycling and the strive for perfection. 

The adv was broadcast on national and international TV channels and on the occasions of the launch event, Giro d’Italia, and Tour de France.

Technical Breakdowns

To reach the best result, we made use of a variety of techniques and technologies: aerial shots, green screen sets, camera cars, motion control systems, and later 3D animation.

Since our goal was to create seamless transitions through every shot or locations, we meticolously edited each shot through a long series of tests in studio. The employment of a motion control system during the recording process, along with a careful compositing during the post production, allowed us to match key shots perfectly.

Furthermore, we recreated a bike in 3D dimension and texturized it. This was essential to the realization of complex camera movements showing the Dogma F10 model and propaedeutic to the final scene: here shooting and 3D animation are combined, making Chris Froom’s silouette to disappear and shifting the focus on the new Pinarello bike.

"This is the fusion between technology,
passion and sweat which always
shifts the limit beyond".

Behind the scenes: sets and locations

This shooting involved up to five different locations. As main set for the exterior shots, we took inspiration from the idea of a moon landscapes as metaphor of the farthest and most uncharted places ever stepped. We found the perfect spot on the Etna Volcano’s valleys.

Most of the exterior scenes were shot in Santa Croce Lake (Belluno). Later on, we moved to a 400 sq.m. green screen studio in Sicily, and then back to Treviso where we got some details of the artisans crafting the Pinarello frames. The remaining shots were recorded in our studio in Padua.

Photo credit: … nome cognome (chiedere Giulio)